Bespoke Service


Creating One Of A Kind Design

Donna has been making bespoke headpieces for years . The creative process in bringing the whole story together is her passion. Looking at a dress and matching accessories and designing something specifically for a client, how exciting!

I realise that sometimes this is a daunting experience for some clients.. We don't get up everyday and wear a hat so it can be difficult to pick something just right for you. This is where I can pass on my expertise ,to help you find the right headpiece in a design that will make you feel special on your big occasion. I will take into account your personality and walk you through the process. Together we will find the perfect piece. I understand that not everyone wants a big headpiece.

Don't worry we will show you many different shapes and sizes to help you find the one! I believe that the personality of the wearer makes the hat!

At your appointment you will be asked to bring your dress and shoes and to leave them with me while I make your special piece. Generally I would appreciate 6 weeks notice so I can order in my materials, get dyes made up and also so that you can have your outfit and commissioned headpiece returned in good time.

Together we will make it a truly bespoke experience.

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